Small is Beautiful: A Tiny House Documentary

Good morning, tiny people! I had the recent honor of watching an advanced screener of a new tiny house film: Small is Beautiful: A Tiny House Documentary.


We tiny house lovers have a tendency to romanticize tiny house living, but you won’t find that in this film. Small is Beautiful takes us on a realistic journey into both the pros and cons of building and living tiny. Starting on the tiny journey is not just about the physical house, but also about the inner struggle with living with less and in less space. This film does a great job of showing these external and internal struggles. Beyond the turmoil is the freedom, peace, and simplicity gained by going tiny! You also get to meet people either building or already living tiny and learn about their experiences. I recommend that any tiny house newbie add this to their list of necessary resources. Not a tiny house newbie? It’s still well worth your time to watch.

You can watch the trailer for Small is Beautiful here, or preorder the film here.


In case you’re wondering, this film has some similarities to the other film I saw, (TINY: A Story about Living Small) but is different enough that I highly recommend that you watch both.

Tiny House Name Registry

There’s a newer tiny house site on the block that I’d like to give a shout out to, because it’s a very interesting idea. The Tiny House Name Registry is a place to register your tiny house name (think of tiny house names like boat names, only likely less bizarre.) If you are planning a TH, already building one, or have a completed TH and want to name it, check out the Registry for existing names and to go in and “claim” your own! You can also add a few details about your tiny house and you’ll get your own little page on the website for others to see.

Tiny House Name Registry

Tiny House Survey – NEW!

Hi everyone! You may remember the tiny house survey from about 2 years ago and I am excited to share a new and improved one with you. There are a few more questions and this version goes much more in-depth about lifestyles and life stages. It’s not just for people living in a tiny house, but also for those who are just in the dreaming phase. It’s even for those of you interested in nontraditional tiny houses like buses and yurts. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey so we can capture some amazing statistics on tiny house people.

Tiny Homes 2015 Calendar!

I am so happy to announce that we have a 2015 calendar featuring some beautiful tiny homes. You can get 8.5 x 11 or 11 x 14 (longer when it’s open on the wall of course) and I am excited to be able to look at each month’s photo(s) and daydream about the tiny house lifestyle. This is a great gift for that tiny house person in your life or even as a treat for yourself. The price is $17.99 + shipping for the smaller one and $27.99 for the larger one. You can buy them here: http://www.createphotocalendars.com/Store/Tiny+House+Calendar-4263418873

This year we only have 2 sizes to offer, but if there is enough interest I will expand the options for the 2016 calendar. Also depending on how this year’s calendar sale goes, we’ll be able to spend more time on the next one to feature more gorgeous homes in the 2016 edition (and maybe even get a better quantity discount!).

Dream of Mortgage Freedom?

Do you dream of mortgage freedom? I sure do. Luckily the Tiny House Family offers an e-course called The Plan: Your Pathway to Mortgage-freedom. It’s a five-week online course designed to lead you through the process of redesigning your life so that you can live on your terms and not the terms of a mortgage. You’ll develop a plan (and put it in action!) based on your unique dreams, style, and life-situation, and you’ll find a community of supportive folks all in the same place as you—ready to make a change. This round starts September 20, so you’ll need to sign up soon as space is limited.

Hari and Karl plus their children are a wonderful example of living sustainably (in all senses of the word) in a small space. Their website is a great resource for tiny house living, especially when it comes to having children living in the tiny house with you! I recommend taking their course because they are living mortgage free in a tiny house AND building their own larger home.  Can you imagine being able to custom build your home and avoid a loan to do so?  Duh.

They’re a hop and skip away from me and I got to tour their amazing space on the Floyd Tiny House Tour.  You can see more pictures of their homestead here.

Tiny House Family Mortgage Free Living

Tiny House Family Mortgage Free Living

Tiny House Chat Podcasts

Macy Miller of minimotives and Ryan Mitchell of The Tiny Life and The Tiny House Conference have started a podcast about tiny houses!  I’m especially excited because Tiny r(E)volution is on hiatus, so now I can get a tiny podcast fix.

Tiny House Chat

There are 2 podcasts on the site right now.  The first is an introduction and the second is about tiny house codes.  Check ’em out!

Time Lapse

I’ve been mentally planning for the next tiny house venture and feeling very nostalgic about the first tiny house, so I threw together a quick slide show/time lapse of the exterior build. Miss that wee house!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

TINY: A Story About Living Small

Hello, hello, tiny people!

In the rare case you haven’t seen all the rage about the new tiny house movie, here is your information!  I had the privilege of viewing the movie a bit ago at Radford University and being on a tiny house panel of sorts for an evening.  This movie is awesome!  It is such a great way to see the journey that is building a tiny house.  I cannot recommend this movie enough, truly.  I believe I’ll be getting a hard copy soon and I cannot wait!  Here’s the trailer:

If you’re excited too, you can find it on iTunes (documentaries) and on Netflix.  Here is the website as well, in case you want more information: http://tiny-themovie.com/


Floyd Tiny House Tour Photos

What a wonderful tour that was!  I hope those of you who missed it will consider taking the tour next year if they do it again.  I took some exterior photos but interior photography was not allowed due to the homeowners’ privacy (yeah I’d hate people taking pictures of my laundry and random house stuff too).  Enjoy!

The Berzins’ Tiny House on a Trailer (www.tinyhousefamily.com)

Christy & Ricardo’s Tiny House on a Foundation

Jim Knapp’s Tiny House on a Mobile Home Trailer with a Giant Deck

The Ohland’s Tiny House on a Foundation

Kat Johnson’s Tiny House on a Foundation at Riverstone Organic Farm

Yurt at Riverstone Organic Farm

Small Home. Big Life. e-Cours(E)!


Hi folks!  I’m happy to announce that Tiny r(E)volution is now offering another e-course session.  Almost one year ago Tiny r(E)volution led by Andrew Odom introduced a new concept in tiny house building; an e-Cours(E). With an enrollment of nearly 45 participants the course was enthusiastically received and proved to be a great alternative to those that couldn’t or didn’t want to attend a more traditional workshop on tiny houses. Spring 2014 is going strong now and summer vacations are looming large. Many are thinking that this is the time to begin their tiny house build. Because of such Tiny r(E)volution is pleased to present another term of Small Home. Big Life.

Small Home. Big Life., a four-week, self-guided course is designed to carry a person through the beginning stages of building a tiny house from the dreaming phase to the drying in of a tiny house.  It is even more than that though. Infused with personal experience and anecdote as well as guest interviews and stories, the month features detailed instructions, creative prompts, guest artists, and multi-media examples, that serve to inspire and educate.

The centerpiece of the course is Andrew’s personal experience researching, designing, and building the 240 sq.ft., single level, tiny house he, his wife, and their 2-year old daughter currently live in. Andrew has recently been seen at the Tiny House Conference in Charlotte, NC. He has also published three books including the most recent, “Your Message Here :: GAINING CORPORATE SPONSORS for your tiny house project.”

So if this sounds like something you’d be interested in, I highly encourage you to check it out and sign up!

Odom Family

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