Build Day 23 (6/02/12)

Been a few days since we worked on the house – I went up to the office for a bit again.  Yesterday the front door came in and we picked up the shower as well.  I can’t wait to see how the door looks on the house!  It’ll also be nice to keep out the bugs…they are quite enjoying their stay in the wee house.

As for construction, we finished the loft today!  The rafters are 2x6s, cut a smidgen shorter than the interior width of the house so we could squeeze them in.  It got a little awkward, but we managed to fit ourselves and the nail gun in the small spaces.  The plywood was also a bit of a struggle based on the shape of the loft…admittedly, it’s not completely square so we had to move the plywood a few times until we got it to fit.

The siding also came in, so it’s stacked up waiting to be installed.  I also ordered a fancy siding nail gun and dad found some cool tools for installation.

Build Day 17 (5/20/12)

…and yet another roofing day concludes.  The plywood went up on the dormers so we’re good to go with all the plywood for the roof.  Finally!  Because of the height of the house and weight of the plywood, ladders seemed more awkward than necessary so we used the tractor.  Not sure which would have won the awkward contest, but it certainly saved my arms this way.  We even sucked mom into this operation!  Basically we just both got in the bucket with the plywood, were lifted up to the roof, and flopped the boards over until all the pieces were up on the roof ready for nailing.  Thanks mom 🙂

We also managed to put up some tar paper on one section of the roof before the day ended.  We’re using some super paper that is way better than regular stuff, so it’ll be really sealed from the weather up there.  The weather is iffy all week, so it’s questionable if we’ll be able to finish the roofing paper tomorrow or the next day.

Build Day 13 (5/16/12)

2.5 hours worked today, so this will be pretty short.  We found a small mistake made yesterday around the triangles so we cut out the trusses, trimmed them, and put them back in place.  It looked fine yesterday because sometimes it’s difficult to visualize how the next piece of the puzzle fits with the current one.  Luckily it was a quick fix!  Next we put plywood up on the dormers and cut out space for the windows.  You can really see now where I opted to not put in one of the windows…looks a little like a cyclops but I am still confident in my decision.

I’m also still going on my pallet pile.  Soon I’ll need to figure out where I am going to use pallets on the walls, combine the calculation with my floor dimensions, and then see how many more pieces I need.  I suspect almost double the pile I currently have. 🙁

Build Day 7 (4/30/12)

A super short update this time.  Based on weather and the fact that I had some homework due, I only worked on covering the storage compartment with plywood. I am happy to report that I was able to use the scraps of plywood lying around from cuts we had made for the walls.  We still have some scraps left, but they’re so small that I am not sure I’ll be able to use them for much.

On a non-building topic, all the windows are now in!  We’re waiting to pick them up so they stay safe in storage for a bit.  I’ve also finally figured out which siding I’ll use for this little thing.  More on that in a separate post!

Build Day 6 (4/28/12)

Can you believe we’ve only had 6 actual days of construction??  I’d like to note that when I say “build day” I mean just that.  There are TONS of days spent on planning and material-gathering.  But on to the important stuff…

We started the day by sheathing the other long wall, cutting out openings for the windows, and then completing the wall with the front door.  Again, the triangles were weird but easier this time since we had already worked out the kinks from the other short wall.

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Since there was time left in the day, we went ahead and framed the storage compartment on the bathroom end of the house.  This space will house the water heater, solar batteries, and maybe the electrical panel.  It’s lacking plywood and doors, but it’s a really good start.  I am considering using the scrap plywood pieces from the walls on this section…fingers crossed!

Build Day 5 (4/21/12)

Another super productive day on the wee house.  Dad and I put plywood up on 2 walls, starting with one of the long ones. The full sheets went up quickly with only a smigden to saw off in length.  Obviously the hardest sections were where the living room and kitchen window are, but honestly we just nailed up the full sheets and then cut out space for the windows afterwards.  That saved a lot of time over measuring and pre-cutting for the window openings I think.

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On the exterior bathroom wall, the triangle at the top was the hardest…mostly because it’s a bit high and triangles are just more of a pain to measure and cut accurately.  I love that nail gun, but up on a ladder seemed a bit scary for me at first so I let the expert do it 🙂

Now we have all these odd sized scraps of plywood lying around so the gears are turning for how I can use them.  A big part of this project is using what I already have and minimizing waste.  Of course whatever I end up doing with them will be in a structurally safe manner, but it’s fun to brainstorm the possibilities.  The weather has been rainy off and on, but hopefully we can put up more plywood on my next trip down here.

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