Build Days 21-22 (5/27/12 – 5/28/12)

The 27th was window day!  We installed the remaining windows (one was already in from the previous day) and took the rest of the afternoon off.  Honestly I was apprehensive about putting in windows myself based on some comments I’d seen on other blogs, but its’s not hard at all.  It helped that these are new construction so they had nailing flanges on…I highly recommend that!  We used more super flashing, popped them in, put the flashing around all sides, then tapped to our hearts’ content.

The next day was pretty short since we just put up some blocking.  This is really just some more 2x4s cut to size and nailed up under the roof overhang.  The soffits will be nailed to these blocks so it’ll all look nice and clean when you’re standing underneath and looking up at the finished roof.  Happily, I was able to use a few pieces of wood from the pallets I’ve dismantled.  Aside from some extra nails in them, they’re just like any new 2x4s you’d buy.

Build Day 20 (5/26/12)

Today was house wrap day!  This was a neat transformation for me, as I’ve been staring at plywood walls for a while now.  I went with Lowe’s house wrap because I couldn’t get any from smaller, local stores.  I did research eco-friendly house wrap but couldn’t find anything legit that was made from recycled materials…they all say “recyclable.”  Fair enough.  My watch happens to be made from old Tyvek.

Back to my original point – Lowe’s wrap it is for convenience, logistics, price, and quality.  I’m going to see about having an open house at the Lowe’s nearby once this is done, so the pictures look like good advertising for them anyway.  Luckily we didn’t need more than one roll of wrap!  I was also able to save some tape by using some of dad’s from a previous project.  I am always happy to use leftovers if they’re still good – saves on material demand and cost.  This ended up being a 3 person job in order to make quick work of it, so we borrowed mother dearest again 🙂

After the house wrap was stapled in place everywhere it needed to be, I taped over the seams to seal out moisture and moved on to the window openings.  I only did one today because there was a chance of rain.  After cutting and peeling back the wrap on one of the living room window holes, we laid down some of the most sticky flashing I have ever seen!  I always thought flashing was metal, but apparently not.  And this stuff is really high quality…no worries about leaks here (did you see the stuff we used on the roof??).  In went the window, we nailed around it, and taped it all up around the edges.  I am really happy to see the big windows in the living room rather than two small ones on each side (no offense to everyone else’s window layout).  I think it takes better advantage of good views and it saved a little bit of money and material.

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