Early October Progress

We had another trip to prepare for, so in went the stairs/ladder and we finished up the exterior paint (aside from the door and touch-ups).  After getting back from the northern VA adventures, it was time to finish the propane lines!  Finally we could test the water heater, oven/stove, and the Newport P9000.  As much as I wanted a woodstove (and still have the one I bought sitting in storage), this little heater is a good option for tiny houses because of how little clearance it needs around itself.  I ended up buying the woodstove from myself to save for another house down the road 🙂

Besides all these pictures, I have a video treat for you all coming up.  If only I could get it to load…I took today off from work, so I’ll do my best to post the vid today sometime in between my various construction projects.

Heating options for the tiny house

It may seem a little early to think about heating the wee house, but it’s actually pretty appropriate so I know how to alter the framing if needed.  Will a window be in the way, how will it vent, will it take forever to ship, etc.?  So I’m down to 3 options after a ton of research:

Tiny wood stove

Tiny wood stove: Jotul F602CB

Tiny wood stove: Jotul F602CB

  • Environment  (wood = renewable; used stove = awesome)
  • Society  (helping out someone who’s selling this on c’list; and it’s ADORABLE)
  • Economy (cheaper option for me; money in someone else’s pocket)
  • Logistics?  (nightmare to transport and install)

Tiny gas stove

Tiny gas stove: the Mini Franklin

Tiny gas stove: the Mini Franklin

  • Environment  (gas/propane = non-renewable; new stove = not awesome)
  • Society  (support a local business selling it; and it’s also ADORABLE)
  • Economy  (have you looked at the price??)
  • Logistics? (much easier to transport and install than the wood stove)

Electric stove

Tiny electric stove

Tiny electric stove

  • Environment  (electric = non-renewable unless it runs on power from solar panels; new stove = not awesome)
  • Society  (I’m saying no on this category since it’s from a big box store and shipped from who-knows-where)
  • Economy (super cheap)
  • Logistics? (easy transport and installation)

So far the Facebook poll I put up has the wood stove winning.  That’s the ideal choice in my head, but I’m not sure about reality.  If I can get the used one, I’m in!  But if it’s sold by the time I can make the 2 hour drive, then I’ll either have to buy a new one (ouch) or go with the gas one (also ouch).

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