Late October Update

Got a lot of little stuff done at the end of October! ¬†Most exciting is starting the flooring ūüôā

There will be an open house in about a month at Newport Hardware. Details soon!

Build Day 35 (7/28/12)

As I’ve stated previously, life got crazy! ¬†I was able to order appliances and do some theoretical work on the wee house, but no construction to speak of. ¬†Back in the swing of things now though! ¬†While I was in Las Vegas for a conference, the roof crew was working. ¬†Although I had wanted to do this myself, time is of the essence (and somehow I’m justifying the cost….) ¬†Also, a random fun pic of my sister’s camper with my tiny house. ¬†ūüôā

For the actual day of 7/28, we finished up the siding on the dormers and the ends (minus a few small sections, saved for the next day). ¬†There were a lot of odd cuts and tricky sections but we got it done! ¬†Definitely helped having an extra person there too. ¬†I’m thinking painting party for the siding – who wants to join?? ūüėČ

Build Days 21-22 (5/27/12 – 5/28/12)

The 27th was window day! ¬†We installed the remaining windows (one was already in from the previous day) and took the rest of the afternoon off. ¬†Honestly I was apprehensive about putting in windows myself based on some comments I’d seen on other blogs, but its’s not hard at all. ¬†It helped that these are new construction so they had nailing flanges on…I highly recommend that! ¬†We used more super flashing, popped them in, put the flashing around all sides, then tapped to our hearts’ content.

The next day was pretty short since we just put up some blocking. ¬†This is really just some more 2x4s cut to size and nailed up under the roof overhang. ¬†The soffits will be nailed to these blocks so it’ll all look nice and clean when you’re standing underneath and looking up at the finished roof. ¬†Happily, I was able to use a few pieces of wood from the pallets I’ve dismantled. ¬†Aside from some extra nails in them, they’re just like any new 2x4s you’d buy.

Build Day 17 (5/20/12)

…and yet another roofing day concludes. ¬†The plywood went up on the dormers so we’re good to go with all the plywood for the roof. ¬†Finally! ¬†Because of the height of the house and weight of the plywood, ladders seemed more awkward than necessary so we used the tractor. ¬†Not sure which would have won the awkward contest, but it certainly saved my arms this way. ¬†We even sucked mom into this operation! ¬†Basically we just both got in the bucket with the plywood, were lifted up to the roof, and flopped the boards over until all the pieces were up on the roof ready for nailing. ¬†Thanks mom ūüôā

We also managed to put up some tar paper on one section of the roof before the day ended. ¬†We’re using some super paper that is way better than regular stuff, so it’ll be really sealed from the weather up there. ¬†The weather is iffy all week, so it’s questionable if we’ll be able to finish the roofing paper tomorrow or the next day.

Build Day 13 (5/16/12)

2.5 hours worked today, so this will be pretty short. ¬†We found a small mistake made yesterday around the triangles so we cut out the trusses, trimmed them, and put them back in place. ¬†It looked fine yesterday because sometimes it’s difficult to visualize how the next piece of the puzzle fits with the current one. ¬†Luckily it was a quick fix! ¬†Next we put plywood up on the dormers and cut out space for the windows. ¬†You can really see now where I opted to not put in one of the windows…looks a little like a cyclops but I am still confident in my decision.

I’m also still going on my pallet pile. ¬†Soon I’ll need to figure out where I am going to use¬†pallets¬†on the walls, combine the calculation with my floor dimensions, and then see how many more pieces I need. ¬†I suspect almost double the pile I currently have. ūüôĀ

Build Day 10 (5/12/12)

YES!  We finally started to frame the roof today.  I am particularly excited about this because I can finally see the real height and design of the house in front of me instead of just in my head and on paper.

First we put up the ridge beam that we built about a week ago. ¬†It’s attached to each end of the house with metal brackets and desperately needed some support in the middle until the rest of the roof can keep it from sagging. ¬†The braces we keep making for the walls, dormers, and ridge beam have helped keep everything square as well until the framing is completely done. ¬†Next we started to frame out the “A” portion back over the loft area. ¬†The physical construction of the roof framing wasn’t too hard, but the math and angles were an absolute pain to figure out. ¬†The other issues with angles is how the pieces eat up 2x4s and create a ton of leftover bits…because each board needed to be just over 4 feet long, I couldn’t get 2 out of each 2×4 I had so there’s a sizable pile of scraps now. ¬†Don’t you worry! ¬†I’ll use them for something (interior items, firewood, turning them into sawdust for the composting toilet, donating to Habitat, etc.)

We also managed to frame out most of the above-dormer section that’s in the middle of the roof. ¬†There are some triangular parts that need more pieces and then some extensions out the front and back of the structure, but I’d say we’re 80% done with framing the roof!

Build Day 9 (5/6/12)

Today we built the two dormers that sit on both sides in the middle of the house. ¬†I’m glad we went with this design to break up the roof line a bit and add more head room and storage on the inside. ¬†These were actually pretty easy to make…they’re essentially mini walls. ¬†The plans call for two windows in each dormer, but I removed one in order to gain some wall space inside. ¬†This will make more sense once we get the roof on and I can have pictures of this section all plywooded in.

We ended up building each dormer inside the wee house since the floor is clear and it’s a decent amount of space to work. ¬†Once one was built and installed up top, we built the other one in about 1/2 the time! ¬†Although the framing was pretty sturdy, we get strong winds up here on the mountain. ¬†The 2×4 you see going from one side to the other is just a temporary brace to keep the dormers from blowing off. ¬†Next up: roof framing ūüôā

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