Early October Progress

We had another trip to prepare for, so in went the stairs/ladder and we finished up the exterior paint (aside from the door and touch-ups).  After getting back from the northern VA adventures, it was time to finish the propane lines!  Finally we could test the water heater, oven/stove, and the Newport P9000.  As much as I wanted a woodstove (and still have the one I bought sitting in storage), this little heater is a good option for tiny houses because of how little clearance it needs around itself.  I ended up buying the woodstove from myself to save for another house down the road 🙂

Besides all these pictures, I have a video treat for you all coming up.  If only I could get it to load…I took today off from work, so I’ll do my best to post the vid today sometime in between my various construction projects.

Build Days 11 and 12 (5/13/12 – 5/15/12)

I’m combining these since we only worked 2 hours each day and there’s not a ton of visual progress I can show you.  I’m working my real job during the day so the tiny house work doesn’t start until 4 or later, leaving just a few hours each evening.  But hey, it’s better than no construction during the week and having to migrate down here and drive back up north every weekend!

The small triangles at the corners of the dormers needed some additional attention, so we added the remaining trusses and some non-structural pieces in preparation for nailing on the plywood in a few days.  We also put up the roof extensions that will allow the front door and the storage compartment on the back to be covered a little from the rain.

And on a little bit of a weird note, those last two pictures are of the sawdust I keep saving.  Yes, I am saving sawdust in a bag…ready for the composting toilet!  And better to minimize waste by using everything I can for another application. 🙂

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