Build Day 9 (5/6/12)

Today we built the two dormers that sit on both sides in the middle of the house.  I’m glad we went with this design to break up the roof line a bit and add more head room and storage on the inside.  These were actually pretty easy to make…they’re essentially mini walls.  The plans call for two windows in each dormer, but I removed one in order to gain some wall space inside.  This will make more sense once we get the roof on and I can have pictures of this section all plywooded in.

We ended up building each dormer inside the wee house since the floor is clear and it’s a decent amount of space to work.  Once one was built and installed up top, we built the other one in about 1/2 the time!  Although the framing was pretty sturdy, we get strong winds up here on the mountain.  The 2×4 you see going from one side to the other is just a temporary brace to keep the dormers from blowing off.  Next up: roof framing 🙂

Tiny House Plans

Although I’m building from plans, this house is going to require a bit of customizing.  The biggest issue at the moment is the overall height because the trailer we ordered seems a little higher off the ground than most, thus requiring some shortening of the walls and changing the pitch of the roof.  I need to keep this thing under 14 feet so I don’t need a special permit each time I want to move it.  My other concern is the windows because I’m going with cheaper options than what is called for in the plans so I’m sure I won’t find the specified sizes. In general, here are the basics of the mini abode:

  • Approximately 130 square feet (maybe 140?)
  • Wood siding exterior
  • Front door at the back of the trailer (not the tongue)…I considered putting the door on the side, but didn’t like it as much
  • Living room right as you walk in
  • Kitchen is galley style behind the living room
  • Bathroom includes a toilet and separate shower, behind the kitchen
  • No attached porch, however I do plan on constructing a folding wooden “porch” that can be placed outside when the house is stationary
  • RV hookups, but hopefully I can wire it for solar as well

It’s really a hybrid of Tumbleweed and Tiny Home Builders now that I think about it.  Tumbleweed has cute porches on most of their houses, but that reduces the interior living space.  I like the kitchen and bathroom layout of the THB design.  I’m also planning to install Tumbleweed-inspired storage options to make it easier to live in as a permanent home.

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