Here’s a list of articles, blogs, podcasts, and various other resources for news about my tiny house.

Please note: not all of the information in the articles is correct…I learned that when dealing with reporters, there’s soooo much room for miscommunication and misrepresentation.  The ONLY place that has all the reliable details about this project is this blog.

  1. My university’s facebook album of my trip up to Manassas, VA with the house:
  2. Washington Post:
  3. WJLA:
  4. The Roanoke Star:
  5. Curbed DC:
  6. John Carlin’s Virginia:
  7. Fox 2127:
  8. Tiny r(e)volution:
  9. Tiny House Talk:
  10. Tiny House Swoon:
  11. Tiny House Report:
  12. Lloyd Khan:
  13. Online Learning Tips:
  14. Sustainability at American Public University System:

And a few YouTube videos I uploaded of the project:


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  1. Hi, Sarah. I work for a non-profit in DC called the College of Energy, Environment and Sustainability. The CEO of CEES would love to meet you and talk about the small house. If you could email me at, we can set up a time and day. Best, Trevor Eischen.


  2. It’s exciting to find a tiny house (especially one for sale) on the east coast. You say to contact you for a tour but I don’t see a contact link. How do I get in touch with you to see this house?


  3. I wish i had seen this sooner the only thing left is Dec 15th and that is my husbands birthday. I don’t think i can make it. Oh i so wish i could. Connie in Richmond, va


  4. Hi Sarah, love your house and your website. Have you sold the unit yet? If not, is it available to see. Best of wishes for your future. Sincerely, Vicki Morgan


  5. Hi Sarah, my wife and I were interested in building a tiny house next year using the same designs you used. We would like to see one in person and was wondering if it was still ok to pop in and take a quick tour. We are in Richmond but have no problem getting out to SW Virginia. If you could let me know that would be great.


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