Hey strangers!

I’m baaaaaaack! Well, sort of. Life has been a crazy ride the last couple years but I’m finally at a point that I can get back into keeping up with my beloved tiny house blog. So what’s been going on? I bought a small house (on a foundation) and have been renovating that. Got married, had a kid, separated, and working full-time for a…

A Bittersweet Farewell

Well, the time has come for me to stop being in denial and announce that my tiny house has sold!  It left Newport Hardware on March 9th for its new home with some really great ladies up in PA.  I believe eventually it’ll journey up to VT to add to their off-grid set-up. The selling process was…interesting.  I listed it in mid/late December on…

The “average” tiny houser…

Hi everyone!   Please take a minute to complete this survey!  Tiny house folks are hoping to compare the “average” tiny houser to the “average” American.

Open House Pictures

Better late than never!  These were taken by Phil Nebe (http://autolox.smugmug.com) who traveled from Richmond to see the wee house.  Thanks for the great pics, Phil! And these are from Anne, one of my mom’s friends who was kind enough to share them:  

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