Tiny House Survey for Thesis

Hi everyone! As you know, my thesis involved tiny houses and I have a soft spot for other tiny house educational projects. Here’s a survey for someone else’s thesis that I’d really encourage you to take to help her meet her participant goal. It’ll only take a few minutes and will have a big impact for her thesis. Thanks! Take survey!

Tiny House Name Registry

There’s a newer tiny house site on the block that I’d like to give a shout out to, because it’s a very interesting idea. The Tiny House Name Registry is a place to register your tiny house name (think of tiny house names like boat names, only likely less bizarre.) If you are planning a TH, already building one, or have a completed TH…

Tiny House Survey – NEW!

Hi everyone! You may remember the tiny house survey from about 2 years ago and I am excited to share a new and improved one with you. There are a few more questions and this version goes much more in-depth about lifestyles and life stages. It’s not just for people living in a tiny house, but also for those who are just in the…

Tiny House Chat
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