So much to catch up on!

Well, I suppose this means the end of “build days” and the beginning of a very belated post of all the progress over the last month.  It’s, well…AWESOME.

Ready. Set. Pictures:

Quick video update

As usual, I’m a bit pressed for time.  Here’s a short video of the progress as of last night!  Today I’ll be staining the walls, painting some doors and furniture, and possibly other random items.  Enjoy!

Build Days 38 – 46 (8/8/12 – 8/16/12)

So much work to catch up on…I’m thinking just a picture post today!

Build Day 37 (8/2/12)

The good news is that I’m finally caulking the siding and trim and whatnot.  The bad news is that it’s a very tedious task! After 2 of us working on it for about 3 hours, I think we’re 1/2 done with it.  We went all around the window and door trim and in EVERY seam between siding pieces, as well as where the siding butts the trim and around the wheels.  We didn’t get to caulk up top around the soffits, and there are some places that need touch-ups.  I apologize for the dark pics, but we were caulking until almost 9!

News Day (7/30/12)

My university spread the word and managed to get John Carlin out to film the wee house.  For those curious, here’s his blog:

The segment will air sometime in late(ish) October and I think there will be something put on the blog.  We staged the house so it’s easier to see where things will go.

Build Day 36 (7/29/12)

Last day of siding!!!!!!!

Also one of the trickiest days of siding.  All we had left to do was put some on the small, side triangles on the dormers.  Tough angles though!  Thankfully I wasn’t the one doing the mathematical calculations, so it went pretty well.  We also pondered exterior paint colors (finally mom gets to be more involved!).  The trim will be the same color as the roof and the siding will be a medium green.  Eco-friendly paint, of course.

Build Day 35 (7/28/12)

As I’ve stated previously, life got crazy!  I was able to order appliances and do some theoretical work on the wee house, but no construction to speak of.  Back in the swing of things now though!  While I was in Las Vegas for a conference, the roof crew was working.  Although I had wanted to do this myself, time is of the essence (and somehow I’m justifying the cost….)  Also, a random fun pic of my sister’s camper with my tiny house.  🙂

For the actual day of 7/28, we finished up the siding on the dormers and the ends (minus a few small sections, saved for the next day).  There were a lot of odd cuts and tricky sections but we got it done!  Definitely helped having an extra person there too.  I’m thinking painting party for the siding – who wants to join?? 😉

Build Days 32, 33, 34 (6/21,6/23,6/24)

We kept chugging along at the end of June to get most of the siding done.  Since we had already completed the longer walls, it was time to tackle the siding around the front door.  The straight cuts were super easy, but then we had to cut around that lovely trim I picked out.  After that, we stopped for the day since we needed soffits before continuing the siding up to the top.

The next days focused on soffits and finishing the siding on the back and above the front door.  We were still waiting on the roof before we could official finish the siding.  Luckily the roof was done while I was out of town…look for a post on this soon!

Build Days 30 and 31 (6/16/12 – 6/17/12)

Apologies for the sporadic updates!  I was working on my paper, had to deal with moving, went to Vegas, and we were without of power for about 10 days!  The good news is that I am done with my degree (that’s right, DONE…I cannot express my excitement enough here).  Now that life is back to being life instead of a tornado, let’s talk siding:

Dad and I started on one of the long walls at the bottom with starter strips.  These guys are small pieces of trim we ripped down and nailed up that make sure the angle of the bottom piece of siding matches the angle of the rest of the siding pieces that go all the way up.  We staggered the seams in the longer pieces for aesthetics but also to make sure we didn’t leave much scrap just because we didn’t want too many seams.  The easy stretches under the windows were awesome!  We have these two siding tools that you nail onto the wall and it spaces your reveal perfectly every time without us measuring.  Kudos to dad for that find.

Around the windows was the rough part, mostly due to the odd trim I did.  There was lots of measuring and cutting, and remeasuring and recutting. 🙂  We are waiting to put on the siding on the dormers because we need certain roof panels to go on first.  It’s an interesting puzzle!

Video interlude

No time to actually post, so here’s a video update instead 🙂

My paper is due this weekend, so next week I’ll be back to full-force construction!  So excited!