My Little House

I’d like to back up a few years and reboot my blogging journey with a slightly larger wee house.  After I sold my tiny house, I purchased a 1,000 square foot single family home in my town. It has 2 official bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, a large unfinished basement, bonus room/potential 3rd bedroom, and sits on a quarter of an acre.  My then boyfriend and I were renting a 200 square foot basement apartment in a cohousing community that was awesome, but I’m a homeowner at heart and a little more space was in order.

The house needed TONS of work. Not a complete “handyman special” but enough that it had sat on the market for a while despite being close to downtown and offered at one of the lowest prices you can expect for the area. Maybe it was the size that was a deterrent? I suspect some combination of all its shortcomings made it sit around waiting for me.

So I offer up the original listing photos of the place, to start. The house looks drastically different now but there’s more to that story than I’m going to share in this post.

1,000 square feet is 5 times larger than my tiny house! By “normal” standards, however, it ranks pretty small. At one point we were two adults, one baby, two dogs, and frequently visited by guests all under this little roof. Currently it’s just my kiddo, my two dogs, and me. Life presented some severe challenges, and my house slowly filled to the brim with a mountain of junk! How on earth did a tiny house lover become a borderline hoarder?? To be continued… 🙂



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