Build Day 36 (7/29/12)

Last day of siding!!!!!!!

Also one of the trickiest days of siding.  All we had left to do was put some on the small, side triangles on the dormers.  Tough angles though!  Thankfully I wasn’t the one doing the mathematical calculations, so it went pretty well.  We also pondered exterior paint colors (finally mom gets to be more involved!).  The trim will be the same color as the roof and the siding will be a medium green.  Eco-friendly paint, of course.

3 Comments on “Build Day 36 (7/29/12)

  1. Green Pond- the name speaks volumes for a tiny house! The house is looking great!

  2. We used some siding holders (Side Arm, maybe?) that sped things up quite a bit. I would absolutely use them again.

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