Build Day 6 (4/28/12)

Can you believe we’ve only had 6 actual days of construction??  I’d like to note that when I say “build day” I mean just that.  There are TONS of days spent on planning and material-gathering.  But on to the important stuff…

We started the day by sheathing the other long wall, cutting out openings for the windows, and then completing the wall with the front door.  Again, the triangles were weird but easier this time since we had already worked out the kinks from the other short wall.

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Since there was time left in the day, we went ahead and framed the storage compartment on the bathroom end of the house.  This space will house the water heater, solar batteries, and maybe the electrical panel.  It’s lacking plywood and doors, but it’s a really good start.  I am considering using the scrap plywood pieces from the walls on this section…fingers crossed!

2 Comments on “Build Day 6 (4/28/12)

    • It will be! I layed out a bunch of boards to see how I felt about it and I absolutely love it. It’ll require removing all the old nails and then planing each board, but I think it’ll be worth it. 🙂

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