Build Day 5 (4/21/12)

Another super productive day on the wee house.  Dad and I put plywood up on 2 walls, starting with one of the long ones. The full sheets went up quickly with only a smigden to saw off in length.  Obviously the hardest sections were where the living room and kitchen window are, but honestly we just nailed up the full sheets and then cut out space for the windows afterwards.  That saved a lot of time over measuring and pre-cutting for the window openings I think.

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On the exterior bathroom wall, the triangle at the top was the hardest…mostly because it’s a bit high and triangles are just more of a pain to measure and cut accurately.  I love that nail gun, but up on a ladder seemed a bit scary for me at first so I let the expert do it 🙂

Now we have all these odd sized scraps of plywood lying around so the gears are turning for how I can use them.  A big part of this project is using what I already have and minimizing waste.  Of course whatever I end up doing with them will be in a structurally safe manner, but it’s fun to brainstorm the possibilities.  The weather has been rainy off and on, but hopefully we can put up more plywood on my next trip down here.

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