Let the tiny house fun begin!

Well it has officially begun!  I’ve ordered the tiny house trailer and it should be here in 3 – 4 weeks.  It’s a 7 x 20 Leonard brand trailer, wood deck, no dovetail, no ramps, no sides, 10,000 # GVWR tandem axle.

I was determined to find a trailer from a Virginia dealer and this fit the bill.  Although it’s actually made in North Carolina, that’s way better than all the others made in Georgia or Florida.  I spent a grand total of 29 hours researching tiny house trailers from dealer sites and craigslist.  The quotes I received ranged from about $3200 to over $4400.  Yikes!  The only suitable trailer on craigslist within a reasonable distance was $2000 and had a bunch of extras I’d have to cut off.  Plus, as dad mentioned, this is the foundation of the house and needs to be solid.

Here’s how I weighed the pros and cons of my options, relating to the 3 sustainability categories plus my additional category:

Craigslist or used trailer from a dealer

  • Environment 
  • Society 
  • Economy 
  • Time 

New trailer from a dealer

  • Environment 
  • Society 
  • Economy 
  • Time 

I still think a used trailer would be the best option overall, but I simply didn’t have time to wait for the perfect one to show up.

4 thoughts on “Let the tiny house fun begin!

  1. Wow! This looks really exciting! I can’t wait for things to come together on your project! I’ll stay tuned! ; )


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